D-Bag and Super D-Bag (AKA Justin Bieber and Chris Brown) hung out together at a popular night club in West Hollywood the other night, and now that sucka might get shut down all because Bieber thinks he is above the law.

Bootsy Bellows, which is co-owned by David Arquette (fun fact), may lose their license because Bieber chugged a beer there and was caught red-handed. Not sure if you're aware, but the legal drinking age is 21. It's cool that Bieber was there since patrons under 21 ARE allowed since they sell food, but you clearly have to be 21 to drink.

Bieber clearly is not. So he can put another check in his "selfish d-bag" column of life again. See the pics of Bieber boozing at Bootsy Bellows (hell yeah illiteration!) HERE!!!