Due to the fact that when you first log onto the website and go to my page, it gives a preview of the first few lines of what the blog post is about, I'm just killing some space so that I don't accidentally giveaway any spoilers for the How I Met Your Mother Series Finale last night. And I think I've sufficiently taken up enough room, so let's dive into it.

What...the...HELL was that?! One of the best sitcoms on TV kicks ass for NINE SEASONS...we're all DYING to find out who the hell Ted's wife finally ends up being...and THAT happens?! (Okay, so that was me trying to make sure absolutely nothing spoilerish pops up in the preview.)

First things first...this ENTIRE FINAL SEASON focused on Barney and Robin's wedding weekend. The tests of their love. How much they love each other. How they want to be with each other forever. AND THEN WE FIND OUT THAT THEY GOT DIVORCED IN THE FIRST 10 MINUTES OF THE SERIES FINALE? Now look, I can respect the fact that it's realistic -- there's LOTS of times where people are together for a while and deeply in love, and then a few years into marriage, it just falls apart. BUT THIS IS TV SHOW...DAMMIT, DON'T WASTE 21 WEEKS OF OUR LIVES ON A STORYLINE THAT YOU KILL IN THE FIRST 10 MINUTES OF THE FINAL EPISODE EVER!!

Secondly...yay, Ted finds love! Super, deep, hardcore real love. Then she dies. And then we find out basically the entire point of Ted telling his kids how he met their mother was so he could go back to the Robin well one last time and end up with her. Some say it's a final happy ending. I say it's crap. 

The one highlight for me was seeing Barney melt over his newborn baby girl and more or less saying she was the only female in his life he needed to love. It warmed the cockles of the sensitive part of my heart...and I was cool with that. But otherwise...I thought the finale reeked of absolute sucktitude.

Now that I'm off my soapbox...Thoughts?