I honestly can't even believe this is legit...but it is. Over in China, a woman dropped her phone in the toilet. Doesn't sound like a big deal, right? Just grab it out and throw it in some rice.

Problem? It was a PIT toilet...which means it wasn't just a little porcelain deal like you see above. Think more of a port-a-potty, but just as a huge hole in the ground. Fast forward to the woman's hubby, trying to be a good dude, going INTO THE PIT to try and get the phone.

Problem? Dude passed out from the stench. And so did the woman who dropped the phone in the first place. After that, THREE more people went in after them...and all got trapped.

It took a TON of members of the freakin CITY to haul them out with rope...but unfortunately for the hubby/wife team, they ended up dying from suffocation of the toxic fumes.

It's kinda like Romeo & Juliet...just a really, really crappy version. (Pun intended, although thoughts and prayers DO go out to the family and friends effected by this insanely bizarre event.)