I'm sorry, this might sound heartless...but when bad stuff happens to douchetastic people, I'm not exactly sorry.

Apparently a few weeks ago, Scott Disick was admitted to the hospital after going on an insane binge out at a night club. Ironically, the same weekend Kourtney booted him out of their Hamptons home. More ironically, the same weekend that Kourtney took off with their baby for her niece North's birthday.

Scott apparently got so destroyed that he couldn't even form a sentence, and felt like he needed to go to the hospital because he thought he was drugged. Nope, idiotard just got WAY wasted and had alcohol poisoning.

To his credit (and I can't believe I'm about to say something positive about this wart-to-society), ever since that night he hasn't had a drink and he's been getting some counseling by the same pastor who married Kim and Kanye. So...props to him for at least recognizing he has a problem that needs fixing.

But he's still a sucknugget.