Here are four signs the person you're with is using you as a REBOUND.  Even if some of them don't sound so bad, it's still better to know what's up.


1.  They talk about their ex . . . a LOT.  Whether it's good OR bad things, if they keep bringing up their ex without you asking, it means they're still sorting through their feelings and not totally over the breakup.


2.  They're still in touch with their ex.  It's worse if they're trying to do the "just friends" thing.  Sure, some people stay friends after breaking up, but it usually takes time to get there . . . so being in touch RIGHT after a relationship ends can be a red flag.


3.  They're over-eager.  If they're super eager to jump into a serious relationship with you right after a breakup, it might be their way of moving on without dealing with ANY of the feelings or unanswered questions from the last relationship.


4.  They're only into sex.  People sometimes go a little nuts after getting out of a long-term relationship, and just focus on having sex . . . LOTS of it.  Especially if someone cheated on them. 


Sounds great . . . but if that seems like ALL they're after, don't be surprised when you get dumped. 

 (She Knows)

photo credit: Jorge Miente via photopin cc