When a friend goes on a diet, you do everything you can to encourage them, right?  Apparently not.


According to a new survey, 75% of us encourage overweight friends to KEEP making unhealthy choices about diet and exercise.  And the main reason is because WE don't want to be the chubby one in the group.


Here are the top five reasons we encourage our friends to be unhealthy . . .


1.  We want to be the skinny one in the group.  75% of us picked that.


2.  Having an overweight friend makes you feel better about your size and your body insecurities.  Which is kind of the same as number one.  But 65% agreed with it according to the Starr Group


3.  If a chubby friend loses weight, it might change the dynamic of your friendship.


4.  They might become your competition when it comes to dating . . . 39%.


5.  The way they look suits them, and they don't NEED to lose weight, 21%.  Which is the only NICE reason on the list.


The survey also found that 26% of people who sabotage their friends' health feel GUILTY about it. 



(Female First)

photo credit: Billy Wilson Photography via photopin cc