A Washington County 2nd grade student has missed at least 24 days of school this school year, all because of what is described as her foul odor. The school system has suspended the eight year-old multiple times since October because of that bad smell.

I have to side with the school on this one.  How hard can it be to toss a speed stick or perfume in your bag?  Something doesn't smell right with this story?  See what I did there, smell right-smelly girl...I amaze myself.  Listen mom, if you say she is bathing everyday...let's try a shower instead.  If that doesn't work.  May I suggest putting Secret on your daughter or letting her take it to school to apply later in day.  Wait, I got it...I bet while she is walking to school she stops off not at the candy store but rolls around in the local dump with all the trash and plays before school or maybe the local pig farm.