Steven Tyler is a Taylor Swift fan!

Taylor Swift can count Aerosmith's Steven Tyler among her fans.  When asked to name who he'd be willing to serve as an intern, the singer tells "Us Weekly" his choice is "blonde with all the hits.  Taylor Swift.  She's hot." 

But it's not just her looks that the 64-year-old rocker finds appealing.  He adds that Taylor is "beyond talented," and that he'll "have to write a song with her." 

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This has to be filed under the creepiest thing EVER!  Steven is old enough to be Taylor's grandfather.  However gotta be honest,  I would love to hear what the song would sound like.  Aerosmith is one of my all time favorite bands.  Taylor makes some pretty good tunes too.  I think I have officially talked myself out hating on this.  When I first read it, I was like "NO!" because Aersosmith is so cool in my eyes.  However, like Brad Pittl (Billy Beane) says in "Money Ball" to his older head scout Grady Fuson "Adapt or die"  it in this case seems fitting.

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