There are thousands of studies on what makes people satisfied in relationships.  So it's kind of poetic that after ALL THAT, we're right back to:  "Men are shallow pigs."

A new study just found that the key to a happy marriage for men is . . . a HOT WIFE.  The researchers found that men with attractive wives reported higher satisfaction in their marriages than men with less attractive wives.

Not surprisingly, that WASN'T the case for women . . . a handsome husband or an unattractive husband didn't really have an effect on whether a woman was satisfied in her marriage or not.

BUT . . . attractive women DID report they were happier in their marriages.  The researchers think it could be because their husbands were happier, which made them happier too.  In other words . . . this study just set feminism back like 40 years.

Another study found the top thing that makes men think women are marriage material is . . . sexual compatibility.  Number two is that she's willing to TAKE CARE of him.

The top things that make women think MEN are marriage material are . . . honesty and trustworthiness. 



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