Even though the Pat's aren't in it, here is the Official KISS 108 Top 10 Places to Watch the Super Bowl.  Thanks to TKA & DJ Black V for the assist in pulling list together!  Discuss!

10. Game On

Right next to Americas most beloved ball park Game on has tons of T.V's and awesome wings!

9. The Point

The Point is a Boston sports bar staple. Cheap drinks and surround sound! What more could you ask for?

8. Jerry Remy's

Anything that has the name Remy attached to you know has to be great. Remy's by Fenway is big and has plenty of places to sit and watch the game.

7. Champions

Champions Sports Bar Party like a Champion! Old School staple, always has fans from outta town mix which is fun to cheer on Boston team.

6. Cask'N Flagon

Voted one of Americas best Sports Bars! Any sports lovers that come into Boston have to check out The Cask'N Flagon!

5. McGreevy's

McGreevey's Named after the Sox Royal Rooter Michael McGreever! Plus, Dropkicks' Ken Casey owns the joint. We will be drinkin' up to Boston!

4. The Fours

The Four's ESPN's #1 sports bar in the country by my #4 because it's The Four's - #4 get it? No joke the real deal sports bar!

3. The Greatest Bar

With four floors and a giant pull down T.V screen it's tough to think of a better spot to post up and watch the big game!

2. The Stadium

The Stadium Right in South Boston, it's only a matter of time until this Southie hot spot shows up on the new Southie Rules.

1. Lucky Strikes

Jillian's Boston / Lucky Strikes This is a mega-plex! Dancing, Bowling, Pool, Video Games, orivate rooms, GIANT screens all over the place