Question from Melissa:

What can I do to prevent split ends?


Beauty Squad Answer:

While there are things you can do to prevent split ends unfortunately once you have then they can't disappear. My suggestion to prevent them are a couple of things...over brushing your hair can actually cause them. What you can do is be careful while brushing by starting at the ends and work your way up the shaft toward your roots, once you can detangle from the ends up you can prevent breakage. Also be aware not to brush your hair while you have a lot of product in it, some styling products tend to make hair less pliable which can cause some split ends by tearing through the hair. Wrapping your hair up in a towel is harmless, vigorously towel drying your hair can cause unecessary tangles.Also if you tend to wear your hair tied back try a lower tail, this holds less tension, and when you do take hair down don't tear off elastic....undo it where it's secured the way you put it up. To address the already split ends my suggestion would be to first get regular trims every 4-6 weeks. This doesn't mean you have to cut length but merely let your stylist know your goal for preferred length and they should take your request and truly just get rid of the damaged ends only. It isn't a one 4-6 cycle that will repair but being diligent with trims over the course of 6 months should get you great results. As far as managing to keep your hair looking good there are many products (oribe's hair care line has 2 leave in hydraters and a smoothing serum , bumble has a great pre-blow dry oil) that you can use in the meantime to keep frizzies at bay. Finally if you have somewhat of long hair, don't be hard on yourself for having some spot ends, speaking personally you have to take into consideration how old hair is if it's long. It means you've weathered many seasons (sun, wind, dry air) and perhaps you have color...all these things inevitably will create some split ends but it's the price we pay for wanting, keeping and enjoying long hair. Good luck!!!

-Rossana Casale, Senior Stylist at Salon Mario Russo