20-year-old Amani Terrell thinks it's important to promote body confidence and awareness for all women, especially the plus-sized population, so in an act of demonstration the California native chose to walk down Hollywood Boulevard in a skimpy bikini, protesting what she considers the weight-obsessed culture of Los Angeles.

Amani's jaunt certainly garnered a lot of attention, but, unfortunately, not all of it was positive. Her Facebook page was inundated with comments, some extremely supportive but many just ugly and cruel. In response she wrote:

"Shout out to everyone for their support. I would love to give a special shout out to all of the mean spirited comments. Let's see, Ii'm obese, I made people throw up, I'm nasty, I'm Precious, I'm ugly. SMH. If you aren't kind to yourself, how can i expect you to be kind to me?"