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By Sierra Marquina

Dating guru and iHeartRadio talk LOVE Life with Matthew Hussey host Matthew Hussey phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to offer single girls out there advice on getting through Valentine’s Day.

The best-selling Get the Guy author reveals that if you’re not attached, there are three easy tips to consider to not be that girl on the most romantic day of the year.

“I think it’s tough because Valentine’s Day is that party that single people don’t feel invited to. But it can be a party,” Matt explains. “I think people need to have three big wakeup calls.”

Matt’s Three Tips to Not Being Miserable on Valentine’s Day:

1. Look on bright side, at least you’re not in a miserable relationship, which is where a lot of people are.

“I think so much of our misery on Valentine’s Day comes from comparison and we envy other people’s crappy relationships. So if you’re single, you’re still more successful than a person in a miserable relationship.”

2. Valentine’s Day and being single in general is a great time to be selfish.

“Go discover things, learn things. Learn about art, learn about culture, take up a sport, go on weekend adventures with new and interesting friends. When you find the right person you’ll be in relationship for a very long time so you may as well enjoy this time right now. And at the end of the day, by the time the right person comes along, you’re an interesting person with a cool life. He’s going to realize he’s not saving you from your miserable single life …. instead he’ll get what every guy secretly wants, which is to have to convince you to leave your happy single life to be in a happy partnered life.”

3. Stop being so indulgent on this day, which leads to misery in the first place because it’s all, “Me Me Me”

“Stop waiting for someone to do something for you and instead make this a day that you’re going to give to someone else. Don’t be that bitter person that’s cynical on Valentine’s Day, be the playful flirtatious person. If there’s a cute guy in your office, buy him a little bottle of whiskey, those mini bar size bottles, so it doesn’t look like it’s overkill, and give him a cute little note that says: ‘Just in case I’m the only one that realizes you’re cute today.’ And give that to the guy.”

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