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 10) Pine Nuts, Ok we are off to an interesting start.


 9) Watermelon, more appropriate for BBQ's but hey what do I know.


 8) Almonds, and healthy too


 7) Damiana, I had to google this and apparently it is a southwestern shrub that has oily leaves that work well in tea, and that have been scientifically proven to cause an increase in mating among male and female mice. I mean if it works for mice it must work on humans. Put the kettle on.



6) Truffles, no not the candy but the actual truffles. This non chocolate truffle is an aphrodisiac that's been used since the early Greek and Roman era. When in Rome right.



5) Chocolate, this is a layup right here. It's a natural aphrodisiac that will get you two close. So buy that candy bar on your way home to have a good time.


 4) Wine, Alcohol lowers inhibitions, so be careful of using too much of it to get in the mood, but red wine contains chemicals that increase blood flow exactly where it needs to be increased in women.


 3) Ginseng, This popular root has been proven to enhance male arousal, and has a similar effect (in women) to estrogen. It’s in lots of energy drinks, which could be rebranded sexual-energy drinks


 2) Oysters , It may be a cliché that oysters will boost your sex drive, but it’s a cliché for a reason. Scientists agree that oysters have amino acids that trigger sexual hormones. 


 1) Maca, yup another one I had to look up. This superfood is powdered plant root from Peru. Its libidinous charge comes from its natural stress-reduction powers. The less stressed out you are, the more revved up you’ll be. Plus, it’s nutritious!