New York (WABC)— Actress Amanda Bynes was arrested in Midtown, Manhattan Thursday night. Police responded to an apartment on West 47th Street after they got a call from the doorman about someone smoking marijuana in the lobby. Apparently when police arrived, she wasn’t in the lobby anymore. So, the police say they went to her apartment with the doorman and knock on the door. Police say Bynes let them inside, but that there was a bong in plain sight. She apparently realized officers could see it and then allegedly threw the bong out the window, which was on the 36th floor. She was arrested for reckless endangerment, tampering with evidence, and criminal possession of marijuana.
Bynes is looking good in her wig huh? That's what i'm talking about. C'mon Bynes you're better than this. Atleast you should be smarter than this. Who actually thinks throwing a bong out of a 36 floor window is a good idea? This is just one big C'mon Man!