1.) Good morning texts. A simple text when you wake up says “you’re the first person I thought of when I woke up today.”


2.) Play With Her Hair. Don't think just do and watch what happens


3) Remember the little things. When you remember small details about your conversations, whether it be how she takes her coffee or when she’s going out for girls’ night, it will let her know that you really pay attention.


4) Watch her favorite TV show or Movie. You don't have to like it just make the effort to see what she likes. It shows he is willing to bond and partake in what you like.


5) Put your hand on the small of her back when introducing her. This is a passive sign of affection and isn’t inappropriate in a public setting, but it bonds the two of you and helps her feel more comfortable.


6) Keep your promises. Not that hard and easy to do.


7) Be honest. No brainer. Simple and easy to do.


8.) Be funny. If you can make her laugh you are in my friend.