Dog Who Watched Old Family Come to Adopt New Dog Gets Happier Ending

A shocking story of one family’s neglect towards their pet now has a happier ending.

Zuzu, a German Shepherd mix, was found roaming the streets of Los Angeles and was taken to a shelter. After a short time, a family came in to find a new pet and Zuzu lit up with excitement. Turns out, it was her old family:


Rather than take her home, though, they ignored her and looked around for a new pet to replace her. Talk about heartbreaking.

All was not lost, though. After word got out, Zuzu was moved to a no-kill shelter where she already has hundreds of inquiries to adopt her.

The previous owners left the shelter empty-handed and the county has said that they can refuse to let them adopt another dog if they’re found to be unsuitable owners.

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