That Time Anthony Smith 'Guaranteed' a Steelers Win Against the Patriots

Sunday’s game inspires many fond memories of seasons passed. There are just so many stories of people running their mouths, only to be absolutely thrashed by Brady and company.

This one, though, this is one of my faves. Flashback to 2007 when the then-undefeated Pats were getting set to take on the Steelers. Safety Anthony Smith was guaranteeing a “v:”


Why, Anthony? Why would you do a thing like that? Don’t you watch the film, man? Don’t you know your history? DON’T MESS WITH TOM BRADY. Nothing good will come of it.

Morale of the story: Brady threw into Smith’s coverage from the get-go, Moss owned him all day and the icing on the cake was this embarrassing trick play (ouch):


46 passes for 399 yards. Boom.


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