The Best [and Weirdest] Patriots Quotes From Super Bowl Media Night

PHOTO: Getty Images

Although everyone has come to expect the Patriots to keep things pretty low-key during press conferences, even they couldn’t contain their excitement at media night on Monday. Here are some of the best quotes from the pressers:

  • “I would take Tom Brady above any living or non-living quarterback.” –Chris Long
  • “Patriots Nation is loud, they have sick accents, they drink a lot of Dunkin coffee and they’re awesome. They’re the best.” –Danny Amendola
  • “I don’t know if there is a softer side. He is funny, he is really funny. He is hilarious to be around. He is kind of quiet around you guys but around us he opens up and lets us have it and he is funny. He has a lot of jokes, every day.” –Dion Lewis on Bill Belichick
  • “It depends on what time kickoff would be. If kickoff was at one o’clock, I might have to go with some breakfast options in there, but you know, I’ve always been a big rib guy. So if we can find a way to smoke some ribs out there, I think I’d be with that.” –Matthew Slater on How He Would Tailgate
  • “Four would have been too low, they don’t make a $4 bill. They make a $2 bill, Thomas Jefferson is on that. Have you ever seen that one? Thomas Jefferson is on the $2 bill, but I wouldn’t have played for a $2 bill. I’ll play for a $5 bill, Abe Lincoln.” –Chris Long on Why He Said He Would Have Played for the Pats for Five Bucks
  • “He’s excited for everything. He did an interview and mentioned bacon like 30 times. Who does that? That’s him though.” –Devin McCourty About Martellus Bennett’s Excitement Around the Super Bowl
  • “I got texts from people who I’ve never even heard of. They said we were high school friends, I don’t even know your name. I don’t know, that’s how it is.” -Jimmy Garoppolo on Random Super Bowl Ticket Requests
  • “We have muskets ... we’re just thankful dolphins don’t have thumbs.” –Julian Edelman About Why the Pats Will Win… Not Sure What That Has to Do With Dolphins


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