Here are the Best Super Bowl Commercials of the Past 15 Years

February 3 marks the 15th anniversary of the Patriots Super Bowl XXXVI victory over the Rams – the day the dynasty was born!

In celebration of that historic win, and every amazing season since, here are the top Super Bowl commercials from the past 15 years, according to Ad Meter:

2002: “Satin Sheets” (Bud Light)


2003: “Instant Replay” (Budwieser)


2004: “Fetch” (Bud Light)


2005: “Skydiving” (Bud Light)


2006: “Secret Fridge” (Bud Light)


2007: “King Crab” (Budweiser)


2008: “Training Camp” (Budweiser)


2009: “Free Doritos” (Doritos)


2010: “Betty White” (Snickers)


2011: “Dog Sitter” (Bud Light)


2011: “Pug Attack” (Doritos)


2012: “Dog Buries Cat” (Doritos)


2013: “Brotherhood” (Budweiser)


2014: “Puppy Love” (Budweiser)


2015: “Lost Dog” (Budweiser)


2016: “First Date” (Hyundai)




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