Photo of Smiling Premature Baby Goes Viral; Here's Little Freya's Story

Few things can, possibly, be as stressful as giving birth to a baby, prematurely. Especially, when it’s in the first trimester. That was the case with Freya.

Lauren Vinje gave birth to her daughter Freya at just 34 weeks into her pregnancy. Lauren had an emergency cesarean section because of severe complications due to preeclampsia. It’s a condition that causes very high blood pressure.

While it was touchy for the first few days, Lauren says that Freya perked up after five days and was, suddenly, very smiley. That’s when they knew it would be okay.

“It’s crazy for us to be able to look at that photo and look at her now she really hasn’t changed other than she’s almost 2 and bigger,” says Lauren. “She’s literally the same person as that photo shows. She’s one of those kids that smiles at everyone in the grocery store.”

Here’s little Freya's story:



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