Man Posts Pic of Tired, Old Ice Cream Man on Facebook; Changes His Life

An 89-year-old pushcart vendor can finally retire, thanks to the kindness and generosity of a stranger.

Joel Cervantes saw ice cream man Fidencio Sanchez pushing his cart through the streets of Chicago’s Little Village and was immediately affected.

“It really moved me how people were walking past him not buying any popsicles. I felt, don't you see this man? Can't you have a little compassion?" Cervantes said.

Cervantes gave the man $50 and then posted his image to Facebook to share his story.

Soon, there was a GoFundMe campaign established for Sanchez. Though the goal was a modest $3,000, the campaign went viral and received over $350,000 in donations.

Now, Sanchez can finally get the retirement he’s worked his whole life for, thanks to the generosity of complete strangers.




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