Famous TV Host Blasts Restaurant on Twitter, Caught Tipping $0

So You Think You Can Dance host, Cat Deeley, apparently had a not-so-great experience at an LA Restaurant and wants everybody who follows her on Twitter to know it.

While in L.A. for the show’s season 14 auditions, Deeley dined at the popular downtown Italian eatery, but something didn't go so well (she has yet to say what exactly happened) and the social media vent sesh ensued.


When her followers began to ask her what happened, she kept things vague, with the following responses: “Terrible food. Disaster.”; “Absolutely awful! Worst restaurant in LA”; “This place is awful! Avoid at all costs!”; ending with, “I give it 3 months.”

Her server, however, is proud of the job he did despite management and took to Twitter to fire back at Cat, who tipped him $0- a big nono for American dining


The host responded TWICE to defend her honor, but do you think this response is acceptable if the server did the job he was supposed to?


Photo via Getty Images


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