Local Swimwear Business Under Fire For Fat-Shaming Amy Schumer On Instagram

Yesterday, InStyle Magazine revealed Amy Schumer on their latest cover


Via Yahoo

'Come on now!' Dana Duggan, of South Shore Swimwear in Massachusetts, responded to the May beauty issue cover. 'You could not find anyone better for this cover? Not everyone should be in a swimsuit.'

One commenter wrote, “@southshoreswimwear not everyone should be in a swimsuit?! Explain this for me please. As a swimwear retailer do you turn away customers because they don’t belong in swimsuits?,” to which Duggan replied, “@fafazone I don’t sell Plus Size Swimsuits.”

Probably not a good look for the Cohasset business that PROBABLY wants to continue selling swimsuits.

Duggan, a size 14 herself, tells Yahoo Style that older, heavier women could still wear swimsuits but should wear a rashguard instead. 

Mainly, she takes aim at the decision to include bodies of all shapes and size in “high-fashion magazines.” Duggan feels that “PC culture has run amok” and is destroying the mystique of the modeling industry. “At some point all the beauty and the fantasy seemed to go away, and the aesthetic” when publications started featuring more relatable physiques, she said. While she feels her comments have been misconstrued, she refuses to back down from her controversial opinion about inclusivity in the media.



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