Couple Has Three Sets of Twins, All Born on Same Day


Carrie Kosinski dreamed of having a large family. So, she was, naturally, devastated when doctors told her and her husband, Craig, that they would be unable to have children naturally. All was not lost, though…

The couple was contacted via Facebook in July 2013 to see if they wanted to adopt her baby. They agreed, but only found out later that it was twins. They were born on February 28.

A year later, the same woman reached out to say that she could no longer care for her twins. So, the twins, also born on February 28, became a part of the family, as well.

Then, last year, Carrie gave birth to twins via in vitro fertilization — on Feb. 28!

“There is never a dull moment in my house,” Kosinski told PEOPLE.

“All three sets of twins were [born] by emergency C-section,” Carrie told PEOPLE. “I get that question a lot. ‘Did you plan it? It was a C-section. It must have been planned.’ No. Mine was at 24 weeks. I did not plan on them being born at 24 weeks.”

Carrie says, someday, she wouldn’t mind adding to the family.



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