WATCH: Belle From Beauty and the Beast Made This Girl’s Dreams Come True

Dreams really do come true at Disney – just ask 7-year-old Daisy.

The young girl was diagnosed with Achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism, from birth. She’s now internet famous, due to heartwarming photos that her aunt Patricia shared of her with her favorite Disney princess.

Patricia told E! News that Daisy has had to battle countless surgeries in her young life, including her head, legs, neck and back. So, a nurse from Children’s Hospital in Dallas contacted Make A Wish on her behalf.

When she was chosen by the organization, Daisy picked Walt Disney World in Florida for her trip, just so she could meet her favorite character, Belle.


Sunday, Daisy donned her yellow Belle dress and set out to meet her idol. As you can see from the pics below, it was a very emotional moment.

It didn’t top there, though. When Belle found out that she was the reason Daisy came all the way to Disney, she gave Daisy and her family a tour of France (in Epcot).

"Daisy was jumping up and down from excitement and was balling her eyes out when Belle told her she would take her on the tour," Patricia told E! News. "Daisy was sobbing from happiness, and everyone around her was crying, too."

"Disney characters never break character, but Belle almost started crying when she said goodbye to Daisy because she was so touched."


"For a day, Daisy wasn't having to worry about surgeries or doctor's appointments. She just got to be carefree and have fun. Disney World, Make A Wish, & Give Kids the World really made a difference in Daisy's life. They are all amazing organizations and people's donations really do make a difference."

I’m not crying; you’re crying. Okay… we both are…




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