Breast Cancer Bra Created by Teenager Could Save Millions of Lives

An 18-year-old has created a tech-infused bra that could provide early warning for women developing breast cancer.

The wearable tech uses biosensors to measure temperature and alerts the wearer of significant changes.

The young inventor created the bra after seeing his mom nearly die of breast cancer when he was just 13 years old.

Julian Rios Cantu and his three friends developed the Eva bra, which includes 200 biosensors that monitor temperature, shape and weight of women’s breasts. Information is logged to a companion smartphone app.

The bra would only need to be worn 60-90 minutes per week to be effective.

The ‘auto exploration bra’ is still in the prototype stage, but the potential impact could be very significant, as breast cancer affects million of people every year, including 8+ million who die from the disease annually.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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