Demi Lovato and Gronk Kick Off #SNSHouseParty Tour in Boston

Okay, so Demi Lovato's new song 'Sorry Not Sorry' came out yesterday, and we were so excited, that we just had to throw a big party! So, who better to celebrate with than Demi herself?!?

We invited a select group of lucky listeners and transported them to our secret mansion for the party of the summer!

The guest of honor, Demi, came out on the back of none other than Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski to greet the crowd! What came next, could only be described as epic...

PHOTO: Jordan Corey

Here's a timeline of how it all went down:

Two huge busses rolled up to the house -- our friends had arrived!

...and the party was in motion IMMEDIATELY!

Then, the music stopped and everything got quiet-- all eyes went to the balcony. Not one, but TWO special guests showed up:

In the most New England entrance of all time, Gronk carried Demi into the room on his back:

Then... Demi hopped up on the fireplace and rocked out to "Sorry Not Sorry:"

If it wasn't already hot enough in there, the dynamic duo of Demi and Gronk hopped into the middle of the dance floor - things got INSANE:

She took a quick break and chatted with our own Billy Costa.

Here's what she had to say about the inspiration for the #SNSHouseParty tour:

“Well, I have many years of experience when it comes to partying,” Demi said about the multi-city tour. “So, now, I’m putting it to good use and I am going on a house party tour… I’m singing my new single at every stop.”

“We went on a pool party tour whenever I launched ‘Cool for the Summer’ and it was really fun. We wanted the video to be light, because the song… it could come off as negative, but, we wanted to keep it positive. We came up with the idea of having a house party as the music video.”

“Naturally, when we were thinking about promoting the song, we thought ‘remember the pool party tour? Remember how fun that was? Let’s do the house party tour.’”

Listen to the full interview:

Don't get jealous at this next part, Lovatics, but... after Demi came back downstairs, she gathered all of her fans around the couch for a chat and a couple of acoustic singalongs, including "Get Back," "Catch Me," and "Don't Forget." Everyone was totally into it and sounded amazing:

After so many hugs in the crowd, Demi was NOT done! Fans had the opportunity to meet her and grab a photo:

All in all, we'd say it was prooobably one of the best parties of all time. Maybe the best ever.

Thanks to everyone for coming out! Check out the photo gallery below:

PHOTOS: Jordan Corey

Here are some more of our favorite moments of the night from social media:

Of course, don't forget to check out the Demi Lovato channel on iHeartRadio so you can hear "Sorry Not Sorry:"

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