Pure Love: Boy Goes Crazy Every Time His Sister Picks Him Up After School

Jessica Evans must be one of the best sisters ever, because her brother David is, clearly, a superfan.

Over the past year, the 21-year-old college student has been filming her brother’s reactions every time they’re reunited, and the compilation video has now gone viral.

Jessica likes to keep her trips home from school a secret so she can surprise her 15-year-old brother David. “There were a couple times that he had absolutely no idea I was visiting,” Jessica tells PEOPLE. “I would hide behind my mom, or a car, and run up and surprise him as he was coming off the bus—he would have no idea!”

For a year, Jessica published the videos to her Snapchat account and saved them to her phone. Earlier this week, when she realized he would no longer be taking a bus to school, now that he’s in high school, she decided to publish the collection of reactions as one long video.

Jessica posted the compilation video to Twitter, in the hopes that it would bring happiness to others:


The post has since received over 400,000 likes and 168,000 Retweets.



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