Jackpot Mistake! Lottery Reported Wrong Location for Sale of Winning Ticket


The Massachusetts State Lottery has issued a correction, saying the jackpot-winning Powerball ticket was NOT actually sold in Watertown.

That ticket was sold in Chicopee, according to lottery spokesperson Christian Teja.

The correction came hours after the lottery reported that the jackpot-winning ticket was sold at Handy Variety in Watertown. There was a $1 million winner sold there, it just wasn’t the jackpot.

The store that sold the jackpot-winning ticket was, instead, Pride Station & Store on Montgomery St. in Chicopee.

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If you didn’t play last night’s Powerball, this news may make you wish you had, because one of our own just scored BIG.

A Powerball ticket purchased in Watertown, MA was the solo winner of the $758 million jackpot, according to the Powerball website.

The Massachusetts State Lottery is reporting that the ticket was sold at Handy Variety in Watertown.

The jackpot was the second-largest lottery prize in United States History; the largest by a single winner.

Congratulations to the lucky winner! Don't spend it all in one place...



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