Beware! Facebook Messenger Scam Tricks People Into Downloading Virus

If you get a strange message from a friend via Facebook messenger, you’ll want to think twice before opening it!

There’s a new scam targeting people via their friends by sending out personalized links with the recipient’s name, followed by the word “video” and a surprised-face emoji. It even goes as far as to steal a pic from the recipient’s Facebook page and makes it look like a playable movie.

In reality… it’s just a link to a site that ruins your phone or computer. You’re taken to a fake YouTube channel that’s riddled with adware and a nasty virus. Once downloaded, the virus will cause your phone to pass the same, bogus message along to your friends – and the circle of nastiness continues…

So, please – be careful out there and reach out to Facebook directly if you ever think that you’re being targeted by a scam. Trust no one... Just kidding, you can trust some people. Just be careful.

SOURCE: Daily Mail


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