Twitter Goes Crazy Over Photo of Man Feeding Girlfriend While She Gets Mani

PHOTO: Getty Images

A California man has set the boyfriend bar for dudes everywhere after being caught feeding his girlfriend chicken nuggets while she got her nails done.

19-year-old Lea Adame caught the couple in the act last Friday and quickly took to Twitter to rave about what she saw. “A guy at the salon is straight up feeding his girl chicken nuggets while she gets her nails done that's the kind of love & support I need,” she tweeted:

23-year-old Audrey Yip told Daily Mail that her boyfriend of two months was feeding her because she had just weighed in for a powerlifting competition and needed to fuel up to prepare.

Adame's Tweet has 82,000 likes and 30,000 retweets to date.

…and they say chivalry is dead…

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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