Student Accidentally Receives $1 Million Transfer for Aid; Goes Shopping

It was fun while it lasted…

A college student in South Africa found a whopping $1 million in her financial aid account and allegedly went on an epic shopping spree.

Sibongile Mani noticed that her $100 monthly stipend for food and books had extra zeroes on the end. That's when, according to local media sources, the 27-year-old then went on a lavish spending spree and threw over-the-top parties for her friends.

"She bought an iPhone 7 and clothes for herself and each of her friends," a student told local media outlets. "She suddenly appeared at lectures wearing designer clothes and she pimped up her crew of friends."

According to CNN, Mani had allegedly spent over $60,000 by the time the company managing the funds discovered the error.

The account has since been blocked and the company is seeking reimbursement.

SOURCE: Daily News

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