Boston Red Sox Accused of Using Apple Watches to Steal Signs

PHOTO: Getty Images

Just when you thought you’d heard the last of Spygate, the Red Sox now find themselves as the target of a conspiracy all their own.

Major League Baseball has determined that the Red Sox “executed a scheme to illicitly steal hand signals from opponents’ catchers in games against the second-place Yankees and other teams,” according to The New York Times.

The Yankees accused the Red Sox of using an Apple Watch in the dugout to relay catcher’s signals to players, in an effort to know ahead of time what pitches may be coming their way. A formal complaint was filed two weeks ago from the Yankees’ general manager Brian Cashman, including video the team shot at Fenway park last month.

The Red Sox responded in kind on Tuesday, filing a complaint that accused the Yankees of using cameras from their television network, YES, to steal signs during games.

It is unknown as to whether MLB commissioner Rob Manfred will issue penalties against the Red Sox and how he will handle the counter complaint.

Stealing signs via on-field players, etc. is permitted in baseball, as long as there is no use of technology beyond basic human means. Use of binoculars or electronic devices to communicate signals is prohibited.


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