Patriots Fan Hosting Jersey-Burning Party After Players Knelt During Anthem

PHOTO: Getty Images

Longtime Patriots fan Mark Shane of Swansea is extremely disappointed by the team’s players who knelt during the national anthem on Sunday. So much so, that he’s burning his favorite Patriots t-shirt and inviting others to do the same at his house.

“We go to a football game to watch football,” Shane told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz. “If I want to watch political commentary, I’ll watch FOX, CNN. They took the joy out of my Sunday.”

Shane was at Sunday’s game when he saw more than a dozen players take the knee.

“Shocked me, totally shocked me,” he said. “I was dumbfounded … They just disappointed me, I couldn’t even sleep Sunday night.”

Even after an exciting comeback win, Shane still left disappointed.

“It was a hollow victory,” Shane said. “I love Tom Brady, I love what happened, but I still had a sick feeling in our stomach.”

“I respect their right to protest, that’s what makes our country great,” Shane said. “But not during our national anthem … it’s about one thing: respect. Respect.”

Shane is now inviting other Patriots fans to his home in Swansea for a jersey burning party during Thursday Night Football.

Shane does plan on watching next Sunday’s Patriots game, but night not finish it, depending on what players do during the anthem.


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