Jim Carrey’s Ex-Girlfriend Made Controversial Claims in Unearthed Letter

PHOTO: Getty Images

Jim Carrey’s ex-girlfriend Cat White claimed the actor introduced her to ‘cocaine, prostitutes, mental abuse and disease’ in a letter she allegedly wrote before committing suicide in 2015.

Carey is currently being sued for wrongful death by Mark Burton, White’s estranged husband, and Brigid Sweetman, White’s mother. They are claiming that Carrey used a false name to obtain the drugs that White used to take her own life, and that he did so knowing that she was prone to depression. They are also alleging that Carey gave her three STDs without warning her.

Click here to see the full letter at People.com.

Carrey responded with a counter-complaint on Friday, alleging that this latest development is just the another extortion attempt by the attorneys behind the lawsuit.

Burton and Sweetman’s attorney Michael Avenatti revealed in a statement to People that lawyers representing White’s family in the wrongful death case uncovered the letter during a forensic examination of White’s iPad.

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