Boston's First Cat Cafe the Center of Wild Social Media Controversy

A little over a year ago, the Boston area was super excited to hear we were getting a Cat Cafe- a trend in the US inspired by Japan, Cat Cafes let you order food and drinks in a room with adoptable cats.

But if you were been paying attention to Purr Cat Cafe's catastrophic social media, you may start to think there's no way it'll actually open.

After months of delays with the opening, a former manager posted this on the page, and Diane, the business owner responded in a way that insulted a large portion of her potential client base.

WHEW, still with us??

We've pulled out a few of our favorites, but Michelle R. of Malden saved all of the receipts in one helpful and enlightening page. Click here to read, but make sure you grab a big ol' cup of tea before you sit down to take it all in. (Warning: some language may be NSFW)

There was the part where she was caught posting photos of other people's cats to pretend she had cats in the shelter

Or the part where she pretends to be her cat to defend herself, and slander Boston's Forgotten Felines (the organization that would not put the cats under that condition), claiming they weren't a registered shelter. 

They are, here is the documentation

Given the rest of her conduct, it is highly likely they weren't sending people to bully Purr, as she did it on her own. You can support BFF here

But Gussie's back! This time "Gussie" is here to defend Diane (super reliable source) and threaten legal action??

But the next one is where she officially lost the potential respect of everybody still holding on hope:


The page has since been taken down with the comments removed, and put back up again trying to start anew. Good luck to all of those involved. Hopefully they'll be able to hire a social media manager that can handle some criticism. 

We can't help but feel terrible for the employees and everybody else who offered help and their money only to watch it go up in flames. 

If you're looking for more, including emails, messages, and more proof of what's going on behind the scenes, the receipts are all here.

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