Camila Cabello Treated Entire Family To European Vacation

Camila Cabello

How does a 20-year-old popstar on top of the charts celebrate her breakout year? By treating her family to a European vacation, that's how!

Backstage at the Kiss 108 Jingle Ball, Cabello revealed her big "wow" moment from the last year: "I went to Italy for the first time... I took my whole family to Europe," she told Kiss 108. "That was probably the best thing of this year, for so many different reasons. I grew up in Miami and I never expected to see the world, let alone have my family be there."

Looking back on 2017, a year that saw Cabello solidify her career with the Cuban-tinged smash "Havana," the singer gushed about her newfound success. "I definitely feel that I'm reflecting on the past year and just everything that's happened. There's so much that has happened!" she said. "I'm super thankful. It's been a wild, wild ride."

When it comes to sharing the big moments with her loved ones? "The amount of happiness that I feel... Sometimes it's overwhelming. "

(Photo by Jordan Corey)

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