Our Very Own Matty Was Featured In Boston Magazine!


"Every time I turn the mike on, I’m just trying to think of something funny," Matt Siegel told Boston Magazine. "It’s a weird skill I have, but I’m pretty good at it."

After 37 years on the air, Matt "Matty in the Morning" Siegel is the undisputed king of Boston drive-time. "We’ve been within the top three my whole career," he says, casually describing his stranglehold atop the local ratings. "That’s why they keep giving me contract extensions."

Matty opened up on a wide range of topics in the interview, including how the city has changed over the decades. "It’s not like the old Boston that was kind of rough in a way. I mean, you’d go to the ballpark and there would be fights," he explained. "You don’t see that stuff anymore."

On politics, the 67-year-old's views are pretty straightforward:  "I hate Donald Trump. It’s well documented. I think he’s just an awful person in every possible way."

But his thoughts on local legend Tom Brady are a bit more nuanced: 

I have problems with Tom Brady a little bit. Well, I think—I don’t know—I’ve been in the public eye here a long time and it never, ever would occur to me to say to somebody, 'Do what I do.' The diet stuff—that bothers me. The relentlessness of that. It’s really odd, and the more Brady talks about it, the more odd he seems to me. I mean, I like the Patriots, I root for the Patriots, I don’t want them to be odd. His diet is sketchy.

From retirement plans to what his wife thinks about the show, head on over to Boston Magazine for Matty's full interview!


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