The Best TV Deals for Your Big Game Party

Year after year, it happens in New England - Tom Brady leads the Patriots to another Super Bowl and, suddenly, that TV on your wall is looking awfully small. Maybe it’s just in your head – but, who are we to get between you and your big screen aspirations?!? You need an upgrade.

Turns out, now is the best time of the year to pick up that new TV, according to Yahoo! Finance. Despite all the hype around Black Friday, late January is when the stores begin clearing out the old inventory to make way for the fancy new stuff.

Here are the best deals going right now:


Sony 49-Inch X900E for $898 ($100 Off)

Sony 55-Inch X900E for $998 ($200 Off)

Sony 55-Inch X930E for $1,498 ($200 Off)

Sony 60-Inch X690E for $698 ($300 Off)

Sony 65-Inch X930E for $1,998 ($500 Off)

Sony 70-Inch X690E for $1,198 ($300 Off)

Sony 75-Inch X850E for $1,198 ($500 Off)

Samsung 75-Inch MU8000 for $2,297 ($1,502 Off)

Best Buy

43-Inch LG UJ6200 for $299 ($200 Off)

49-Inch LG UJ6200 for $369 ($180 Off)

55-Inch LG UJ6200 for $469 ($230 Off)

60-Inch LG UJ6300 for $599 ($300 Off)

70-Inch LG UG6570 for $999 (Down $500)


55-Inch TCL Roku 55S401 for $348 ($50 Off)

65-Inch Philips 5602 for $698 ($200 Off)

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