Tom Brady Beats Stephen Colbert in Beer Chugging Contest (Watch)

Tom Brady is back after a brief hiatus from the spotlight following Super Bowl 51, and it didn't take long for the Patriots quarterback to get back to flexing his competitive muscles. 

Yesterday, while on a press tour promoting the final episode of his Tom Vs Time web series and his book ‘The TB12 Method,’ Brady sat down with Late Show host Stephen Colbert. Things took a competitive turn before it was all over.

After trying strawberries for the first time in his life (which he, clearly, didn’t enjoy), the conversation transitioned to those things that Brady misses most, as a result of his strict TB12 diet.

“When I was young, I just had the worst diet,” Brady said. “As I’ve gotten older, the diet has improved a lot. The things I eat far less often now are cheeseburgers, pizza, beer – things like that.”

Right on cue, Colbert produced two frosty glasses. The challenge was issued.

“Are we competing?” Brady asked, to which Colbert joked “I don’t know if you’re a competitive guy…”

Brady beat Colbert handily. Skip to 1:38 to watch the contest:


Add beer chugging to the list of things that Tom Brady is better at than the rest of us.


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