Here Are The 10 Richest Cities In Massachusetts

By analyzing Census data from the 2012-2016 American Community Survey, HomeSnacks has put together a list of the wealthiest cities in the Commonwealth. 

Three main factors were used to determine individual rankings; median household income, poverty level, and unemployment rate. 53 places in Massachusetts were determined to have populations of 12,000 people or more and ranked from 1-53 in each of the three main categories. 

Once those rankings were averaged, HomeSnacks was able to determine the "Richest Place in Massachusetts for 2018."

1. Newton

Nichols House.(Photo by Thomas Kelley/Wikipedia)

With a median income of $127,402, Newton tops the list of the wealthiest Massachusetts cities. The Boston suburb has a healthy population of 88,317 with an unemployment rate of 4.4% and a poverty rate of 4.4%.

2. Melrose

The Gazebo at Ell Pond Park. (Photo by Elizabeth B. Thomsen/Wikipedia)

This Greater Boston metropolitan area has a population of 27,787 and a median income of $87,712, well below Newton's $127,402, but Melrose claims the second spot on this list with a staggeringly low poverty rate of 3.8%. With unemployment at only 4.3%, this suburb of 27,787 seems like a great place to live.

3. Franklin

Main Street, Franklin Massachusetts. (Photo by John Phelan/Wikipedia)

With a population of 32,873, a median income of $108,815, unemployment at 6.2%, and the poverty rate at just 4.2%, Franklin comes in third for wealthiest Massachusetts cities. The Town of Franklin, located in Norfolk County, is one of fourteen Massachusetts municipalities that have been granted city-status while allowed to maintain "The Town of" in their official name.  Franklin is home to the nation's first library, with books donated by none other than Ben Franklin himself, and also houses the largest Catholic parish in the Boston Archdiocese, St. Mary's with a congregation of 15,000 members.

4. Woburn

Benjamin Thompson House. (Photo by Daderot/Wikipedia)

This Middlesex County city of 39,220 grabs the fourth spot on this list with a median income of $83,872, unemployment at 5.4%, and a poverty rate of 7.2%. 

5. Amesbury

Amesbury City Hall. (Photo by Fletcher6/Wikipedia)

With only 17,082 residents, The Town of Amesbury is the smallest municipality on this list. Located in Essex County, Amesbury claims a median income of $75,861, an unemployment rate of 5.3%, and a poverty rate of 5.6%.

6. Marlborough

Population: 39,545

Median Income: $72,222

Unemployment Rate: 4.6%

Poverty Rate: 7.2%

7. Watertown

Population: 33,849

Median Income: $92,050

Unemployment Rate: 5.7%

Poverty Rate: 8.3%

8. Newburyport

Population: 17,837

Median Income: $87,162

Unemployment Rate: 6.3%

Poverty Rate: 7.8%

9. Waltham

Population: 62,699

Median Income: $82,188

Unemployment Rate: 5.3%

Poverty Rate: 10.0%

10. Braintree

Population: 37,066

Median Income: $85,863

Unemployment Rate: 6.9%

Poverty Rate: 5.8%

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