Students Stage Jousting Tournament In Allston

Boston - home to some of America's biggest companies, dive-iest bars, and best sports fans - is also home to an ever-growing number of college students. 

While you can find undergrads in any Beantown neighborhood, the Allston/Brighton cohort is notorious for building a thriving underground scene, enduring cheap living conditions, and just generally being a bit more raucous than the rest of the city.

And it's this time of year that the students' rambunctious reputation really comes out to play. Cooped up inside all winter cramming for midterms, the sweet smell of Spring air is like sizzling bacon to hungry hounds.

With the bulk of our March snowfall already melting, a group of innovative students set up a jousting course using abandoned shopping carts. Posted to Reddit by user cazmon95, the video shows the group of young Boston residents staging a Medieval-style tournament in the middle of St. Lukes Road.

As the video begins, two opposing "Knights" are hurled down the course by their equestrian stand-ins, steadying their "lances" and bracing for impact as a number of onlookers film the impending collision.

Inevitably, both "Knights" are launched from their shopping carts, colliding in a cluster of sprawled limbs and hearty laughs. Thankfully, it doesn't appear that anyone was seriously injured as the victorious Knight can be seen running over to help his fallen competitor off the asphalt.

Filmed in an adjacent building a few floors up, and later shared on SnapChat, cazmon95 noted there is "Never a dull moment in Allston." Watch the video here.



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