Jack & Jack Talk Coastal And Midwestern Fashion Trends

Kiss 108 Kiss Concert Jack & Jack

(Photo by Bethany Anna/iHeartMedia)

Jack Gillinsky and Jack Johnson of Jack & Jack met on the first day of kindergarten in Omaha, Nebraska when the two boys noticed they were wearing the same shirt. Now, more than 15 years later, the young performers have embraced coastal fashion trends and ditched the plain Midwestern attire.

"It kinda diffuses inward. So the coast will have a trend and then two or three years later, Omaha will finally be picking up on it," " Johnson told Kiss 108, clad in dark wash jeans and a patterned button down.

"It's about a three-year delay we find," Gillinsky added.

As the former Vine-stars career grew, a move to Los Angeles expanded their wardrobe.

"Luckily we live in LA now so our fashion senses are a little more keen," Johnson explained. "We're more on top of our stuff now. Especially having eyeballs on us. It makes us wanna dress up a little more."

"That's the only reason, otherwise I'd be wearing sweats every day," Gillinsky chuckled, decked out in modern black-on-black.

Check out the full interview below!



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