Noah Cyrus, MAX Duet "Team" Was Inspired By Relationship Drama


Fresh off the release of their single "Team," MAX and Noah Cyrus hung out backstage at Kiss Concert 2018 to tell us all about their uplifting duet.

"It's honestly just about relationships, and no matter what happens in it you're gonna support one another," Cyrus told Kiss 108's Billy Costa.

Every couple goes through ups and downs, and Cyrus and her live-in boyfriend Tanner Drayton are no different. "When you live together with somebody it's hard and you kinda get into little arguments and stuff like that," Cyrus explained. "It was just a petty little argument that we got into. And I texted him and was like, 'I love you, I'm always on your team.'"

Feeling inspired, the 18-year-old pulled into the studio after sending the text and wrote what would become "Team."

"I didn't know what the song was gonna turn into... I was just in my mind writing it for me and my relationship."

Selfie Kid Snaps Selfie With Noah Cyrus And MAX
Selfie Kid Snaps Selfie With Noah Cyrus And MAX
Scituate teen Ryan "Selfie Kid" McKenna swung by the Kiss 108 Kiss Concert to say hi to his friends Noah Cyrus and MAX. #Kiss108KissConcert


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