Bazzi's Australian Model Girlfriend Saw Snow For The First Time!

Bazzi has been on a hot-streak in 2018, with one of the best tours of the season and a chart-topping hit with songstress Camila Cabello - the singer is most proud of his debut album Cosmic. "It was just such a reflection of myself," he said. "It felt so good to put such an honest representation of myself out into the world."

But 2018 hasn't been all about the music for Bazzi. The up-and-coming star also started dating! "I saw her two days ago, she had a job in New York," he explained about his model girlfriend. "She had a job in New York, and then she came to LA and met me there, and then she came on tour with me all the way to Minnesota."

Bazzi's beau, originally from Australia, was treated to a North American greeting at the Minnesota stop. "She's never seen snow before either, so she saw snow for the first time," Bazzi said backstage at Kiss 108's Jingle Ball. "She was mindblown, it was the cutest thing."

Watch the full interview below!

(Photo: Getty Images)

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