Khalid Gives Waffle House A Shout Out At Jingle Ball

Khalid's biggest achievement of 2018? Holding down the #1 most played song on Waffle House jukeboxes across the country!

"That's just so amazing to me," the young singer revealed backstage at Kiss 108's Jingle Ball. "You think about how many songs get played at a Waffle House and people are going to Waffle House to play "Location," so that's exciting!"

The 20-year-old musician went on to explain why the song means so much to him. "It was the start of everything for me. So I really appreciate Waffle House for giving me that honor, it's amazing."

Before signing off, Khalid turned towards the camera and addressed Waffle House directly, apologizing for not responding to their attempts to send him his award. "Waffle House, I need to respond to your DMs and I feel like I'm so bad at that," he said with a smile. "So I will hit you guys right now."

Watch the full interview below:


(Photo: Rachal Kaplan/iHeartMedia)


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