Shawn Mendes Explains Hand Holding With Victoria's Secret Model

When Shawn Mendes perfromed at the 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion show, he was spotted holding hands with one of the newest models, Winnie Harlow. Backstage at Kiss 108's Jingle Ball, Mendes revealed the details behind the friendly display.

"We're great friends, I've known her for a while," Mendes explained. "And she's from Toronto where I'm from."

While performing, the singer-songwriter was so startled to see his longtime friend walk by him on the catwalk that he actually stopped performing to say hello! 

"When I saw Winnie I was so startled. I was like 'Oh I can't believe it's you!' Mendes said. "During my performance, she walked by me and I go, 'Oh hi!' midway through my song."

The producers ultimately cut the flub from the televised show, and Mendes and Harlow planned the hand-holding for the second take. "I got offstage and I was like, 'Sorry, this time I'm just gonna grab your hand."

Watch the full interview below:


(Photo: Rachel Kaplan/iHeartMedia)


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