The Chainsmokers Tackled By Victoria's Secret Model

The Chainsmokers Kiss 108 Jingle Ball

Weeks before the Kiss 108 Jingle Ball, the Chainsmokers visited New York to perform their hit song "This Feeling" at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

While Andrew Taggart says, "It was a great time as a whole," one incident stood out in particular.

"On the first running of the show, Lais was one of the VS girls," Andrew explains. "When they come off stage, they walk past us and we give them a high five."

"I guess Lais took a wrong turn. She took this other entrance, so we're all standing. And she's wearing this like 10 foot wide giant eagle/falcon thing - wings on her back. And just literally jumps in between Alex and I and takes both of us out."

Ouch. We don't wanna know what that feeling is like.


Photo: Getty Images


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