Tracy Morgan Explains How Jordan Peele Helped Him After Near-Death Crash

Via extra tv: Comedian Tracy Morgan is happy to be back in Brooklyn! Morgan joined forces with his show “The Last O.G.” to give back to the community, unveiling the new Hattie Carthan Community Garden.

With his wife, Megan, Tracy told “Extra’s” special correspondent Nate Burleson, “This is my roots… That’s important to me that we do it. We don’t just bring these lights and these cameras and these trailers and our celebrity, we bring hope to the youth. They see me and Tiffany [Haddish] and Cedric [the Entertainer] standing there, they say, 'Wow, if they did it and they come from here, I can do it.'” Morgan is also working on a new project with "Us" director Jordan Peele — the TV re-boot of “The Twilight Zone." He gushed, “That’s my brother… That man was a part of my healing process, a big part of the healing process after I got hit by that truck.

My youngest son turned me on to ‘Key & Peele’ and I watched it every day and I wanted to meet him — that’s how it got connected.” When Nate pointed out that laughing was healing for him, Morgan agreed, saying, “It is always healing for all of us.”



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